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Les Miserables Workshop

At Tempo Red we pride ourselves on bringing teachers that are current and active in the dance industry; we do this so that our students can get the most out of their classes.

 It is a great honour that we have been able to secure and organise Elisa Colla currently in Les Miserables and previously in Wicked as well as Blake Erickson who performed in the musicals Bye Bye Birdie as well as Spring Awakening.

The workshop will be on the 14th of April from 10am to 4pm. Within this time the students will be exposed to key scenes, songs and movement from the show. In the afternoon Elisa will have a Q&A session with the students about working in the industry in Musical Theatre and may even give a performance! The last half hour of the workshop will be a presentation for the parents of the performance piece based on Les Miserables learnt in the workshop.

It is a great opportunity for the students of Tempo Red to work with two of Sydney’s current touring Musical Theatre professionals.

This workshop is open to any student between the ages of 8-16.

To register for the workshop call Diana on 0438 273 571.

Les Miserables Workshop