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Tempo Red Academy Testimonials

“We’re so thrilled to have found Tempo Red. We love this place! My 4 years old daughter has so much fun during the class and she has learned a lot since joining the studio. The teachers are wonderful and highly qualified. The owner Miss Di is great and my daughter loves her class. Highly recommend this studio! Many thanks!”
🙂 Joyce

“We have been part of the Tempo Red family since my daughter Niki was 2 years old. She loved Miss Di and looked forward to Tiny Tots every week. Fast forward 8 years and she would be at Tempo Red every single day if she could. I am truly amazed at the little dancer she has become. Her confidence and focus in anything she tries now is testament to the teachers at Tempo Red. I can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to see my daughter reach her full potential. ”
Megan Wisheart

“Tempo Red has been fantastic for my 3.5year old daughter. She absolutely loves the baby ballet class and cannot wait to get there each week. The music is great, the teachers are wonderful and have lots of energy with the children. They are learning the technique but in a really fun way.”
Deb Gee

“My daughter Jessie loves putting on her favourite tutu each week, singing and dancing around with Twinkle in her babyballet class. The lessons are lots of fun and she loves the mix of ballet and tap. The classes are wonderfully supportive, talented teachers and gives us a lovely opportunity to meet new mums and the kids meet new friends!”
Mish Miller, babyballet mummy

“My family’s experience at Tempo Red Academy over the past 5 years has been positive, loving, inspirational and much more. Ever since 2012 when we were recommended to get in touch with Tempo Red we knew this was the perfect environment for our two young girls. We knew we were sending them to an academy that encouraged growth and happiness through their dance training. Miss Di and her team of amazing teachers have always been fun loving and respectful towards our girls and have helped them to grow to become mature, respectful dancers. Training has encouraged them to portray those values in everyday life. We love Tempo Red and look forward to the years ahead”
Rochelle Leighton-Jones

“The school runs workshops across all styles of dance and musical theatre. Students and other dancers from around the area are given exciting opportunities to expand their knowledge of dance and express their creativity outside of regular classes. The director Diana Sakaris is highly experienced in dance and teaching, creating a professional yet supportive and fun environment for all teachers and students. Miss Di’s warm and loving nature means the studios are more than just a school but a second home where students can be nurtured while they grow as people, as well as artists.”
Tina Trippis

“My daughter has only been at Tempo Red for two terms but in that time her dance skill and ability has grown exponentially as has her self-confidence. This is due to the passionate, professional staff, very talented, experienced teachers and a culture that fosters support and encouragement between the kids. From day one the girls in Zivas’ class took her under their wing and welcomed her.”
Sarah Gilmour-Mayne 

“THANK YOU SO MUCH to each and every one of you for an amazing concert. Myself and all our family there were so impressed and Amalya loved every second of it. It was a really professional concert but I love that your level of professionalism does not mean you put pressure on the kiddies. They all had so much fun and you made it a fantastic experience for them, which is so important at their ages. As long as Amalya wants to dance it will be with you guys!”
Kylie Halliday