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Dance Conditioning Classes

Conditioning classes are now available at Tempo Red studios and recommended for all dancers. It is absolutely imperative that dancers are strong, physically fit, and able to endure the rigours of dance performance. A conditioning regime allows dancers to opportunity to strengthen their bodies to compliment their technical and stylistic dance training and prevent injuries.

Dance conditioning is a practice that focuses on strengthening, toning, and stretching different parts of the body. Within the different genres of dance, students use a plethora of body parts and muscles. The goal of dance conditioning is to provide a regimen of exercises for the development of a dancers physical endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Our dance conditioning classes include a variety of exercises and techniques, focused on isolating body parts to work out for an allotted period of time within each class. While the classes are work-intensive and require a great deal of perseverance, our dancers appreciate the chance to rigorously work out their muscles and thus improve their overall ability.

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