We will be holding AUDITIONS for the launch of our TEMPO RED YOUTH COMPANY on Sunday the 10th of December. 

Auditions will be held for THREE streams:

1. “Tempo Red Urban Crew” – Commercial Stream
Hip-Hop, Street Tap & Commercial Jazz

2. “Tempo Red Ignite” – Contemporary Stream
Classical Ballet Repertoires, Contemporary & Lyrical

3. “Tempo Red Talent Co” – Musical Theatre Stream
Vocal Singing, Drama/on camera, Musical Theatre, Jazz

All the information about this exciting opportunity is contained in the two attachments on this e-mail.

Selected students who wish to excel in the performing arts will be working with top choreographers to build a strong technical foundation, and perform at a vast range of competitions, public events, productions, and be involved in filmed pieces created by our choreographers.

This is a unique opportunity, and we are the FIRST performing arts school on the Northern Beaches to offer this type of intensive program for this age group.

Please extend the invitation to anyone you feel that wants to be part of this exciting Youth Company, and has a real passion for the performing arts.

Bookings are essential – please contact Diana on 0438 273 571 or to confirm your place for a private or group audition.

We cannot wait for the amazing direction this will take the Tempo Tribe in 2018!!!

You can read more on the Tempo Red Youth Company HERE


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