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Vision & Values – Tempo Red


We always strive to provide the most dedicated and experienced teachers who share a similar mentality to the Director, nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. We encourage our students to achieve their fullest potential and support them as they grow artistically and holistically developing into well rounded individuals with a strong foundation in the Performing Arts.


Our Vision and Values and Beliefs

At Tempo Red our vision reflects our belief that our dance environment is unique in that we ensure that our students are surrounded by a positive environment with good values, discipline and a large focus on empowering each individual to be the best they can be!

We encourage hard work, integrity and diversity. A safe place for healthy self-expression.

We achieve this through our teaching techniques and programs that help build confidence through healthy and safe exercising and teaching students to embrace their individuality.

We have a strong ethos on treating oneself and others with respect, a zero tolerance towards bullying or any nastiness from students, parents or staff, which creates a supportive and family vibe which results in a loving positive energy flowing through our studios.

Dance has its own body of knowledge and at Tempo Red we pride ourselves at developing the complete dancer. We invest time into our individual dancers and help develop their skills as well as educate them for life. Our students are offered opportunities that develop their artistic and aesthetic education as well as establishing long life practices on good health for mind body and spirit which provides a strong higher self.

Our school firmly believes that success isn’t measured by a trophy. We believe in working together to achieve our goals. We encourage our students to not compare themselves with one another but to challenge their own individual abilities and encourage an environment that is purely empowered by PASSION.